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Welcome to the Charleston Running Club!

The Charleston Running Club, created by runners for runners, exists for the purpose of the promotion, encouragement, organization and education of running and running activities for sport, recreation, competition and health in the local community.

Since 1977 the Charleston Running Club has been promoting running in the local running community. Early on we were instrumental in starting two of the area's largest races, the Cooper River Bridge Run and the Kiawah Marathon. While we don't direct either of these races anymore, we are represented on the board of the Bridge Run and we host the Charlie Post Classic 15K/5K in January along with the Floppin’ Flounder 5K and Open and Masters Track Classic in June and the Bohicket Half and 5K in November.

We welcome all running abilities. Our diverse group includes first time runners along with some of South Carolina’s elite runners. We all come together monthly to share our running stories, find new running partners, listen to a guest speaker or go for a group run. In addition to the social benefits, our members receive discounts on races, free training clinics, a great breakfast after the Cooper River Bridge Run and discounts from local retailers.

Charleston, South Carolina is the home of some of the most magnificent running routes in the country. Whether you are a lifelong resident or a short term visitor, we want you to explore the Lowcountry by running through our historic city streets, along our scenic beaches or across the Cooper River Bridge.

Please peruse the information we have gathered for you on the drop down menus above for desktop users or below for mobile users. If you have any questions or comments, please  contact us  anytime.

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      $10 off registration to:
    • Nov 17 - Bohicket Half at Seabrook 13.1

      $5 off registration to:
    • Jan 27 - Charlie Post Classic
    • Feb 3 - Save the Lighthouse Half Marathon / 5K
    • Feb 17 - Head for the Cure 5K
    • Feb 17 - Super Run 5K
    • Mar 3 - Where the Wild Things Run 5K
    • Mar 3 - Color Run 5K
    • Apr 14 - Match to Marrow 5K
    • Apr 15 - Race for the Paws 5K
    • Apr 21 - Pinewood Back 9 5K
    • Apr 28 - Mullet Hall 5K / 10K
    • May 5 - Race the Helix 5K
    • May 12 - Mom's Run 5K
    • May 12 - Angel Oak 5K
    • May 19 - Run Charlie Run 5K
    • Jun 2 - Floppin' Flounder
    • Sep 9 - 9/11 Heroes Run 5K
    • Sep 22 - The Hammer It Out 5k Run and Fun Run
    • Sep 29 - SC Aquarium Turtle Trek 5K
    • Sep 29 - Lowcountry Teal Diva 5K
    • Oct 6 - IOP Connector Run 10K / 5K
    • Oct 13 - Lowcountry Trail Half Marathon / 5K
    • Oct 13 - Famously Hot Pink Half Marathon(Columbia, SC)
    • Nov 3 - Lung Force Run / Walk 5K
    • Nov 17 - Bohicket Half at Seabrook 5K
    • Nov 17 - Purple Haze 5K

      10% off registration to :
    • Jan 13 - Charleston Marathon
    • Mar 15 - Catch the Leprechaun
    • Sep 8 - Hope for Haiti 5K
    • Sep 8 - Heroes Run 5K
    • Sep 8 - (R)un for One 5K
    • Sep 22 - Carolina Children's Charity 5K
    • Race the Landing Series

    • Check back for more races added during the year!


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Join us and the SurfRider Foundation on Sept 8th for our Summer Adopt-A-Highway clean up. Bring a friend, neighbor, or family member, there will be enough trash to go around.  

Surfrider will provide all cleanup supplies, but please wear clothes and shoes you don't mind getting dirty, and please bring a Reusable water bottle. 

Post clean up we will head over to Mex 1 for some Strawless refreshments!

Wear your step tracker and there will be a CRC shirt for the person who walks the most steps, the person that collects the most trash AND the person that gets the most unusual piece of trash! 

Date: Sept 8, 2018
Time: 10 AM -12 PM
Meet: Parking lot of Durst Family Medical Office - Look for the Surfrider flag and Charleston Running Club Banner

August Travelin' Group Run
Tuesday August 21st 2018

Join us for the last of our Summer Beach Runs!! August Group Run will be on Sullivan's Island! We will meet at Dunleavy's Pub at 6:30PM. Run around Sullivan's Island for 1,2 or 3 miles then meet back at Dunleavy's Pub for apps on Us!!

Please RSVP below so we know how many to expect! Hope to see you there!!!

August Travelin' Group Run Sullivan's Island - 8/21/2018

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2018 Cooper River Bridge Run

We hope everyone had a great time at this years Cooper River Bridge Run.  A huge thanks to all the volunteers that helped out our club by providing their valuable time in assisting in different areas.  Once again the breakfast we provided was DELICIOUS!!!  If you aren't signing up you are missing out on some excellent food!

Results can be found at Running Journal

Tell Me About Your Bridge Run 2018
as told to Cedric Jaggers and Rick Rockwell

Wow, things were sure different this year. This article almost didn’t happen. Despite my best laid plans to be at the finish line and then the Charleston Running Club tent interviewing runners with one specific question: “Tell me about your Bridge Run”, it didn’t work out that way. In fact due to my cancer surgery and inability to travel, I wasn’t there at all. At least not in person. Thanks to the idea of Ray Hauck, President of the Charleston Running Club to do interviews by Facetime, and VP Rick Rockwell, who set up the hot spot and found the folks to interview. I was there (on screen only) for a while on April 7 after the race.

When the mass of runners finished and went online and with a terrific rainstorm 200 miles north of Charleston in the UpState where I am located.  The cyberspace connection failed.  At that point Rick took over and conducted the remaining interviews.  Thanks, Rick,

I always try to write down exactly what people say.  Any errors are mine alone (or maybe Rick’s for the ones he did – he told me on the phone some people talked so fast it was hard to get it down.  He’s right.)

I also like to always point out that Chip Time is not a person’s actual finish time.  Only Gun time counts.  USATF rules require ALL awards and official results to be in Gun time (also called Clock time, meaning the actual order people cross the finish line.)  USATF says Chip or Net times (computer recalculated times and places) may be shown just for the runners information.

Start time temperature was 67 degrees.  This year the online results show 27,437 finishers.  Again, they improperly show the runners by Chip time finish order rather than the actual time and place (Gun time finish order), but both times are listed, so only the overall finish place is wrong as shown below.  Chip place means the computer rearranged finish order, not the actual order in which runners crossed the finish line.


So here, in the order interviewed are the folks we talked to in 2018:


Special note:  the first interview was at 8:00 AM just as the race began.  Rick and I connected on Facetime and he handed the phone to an old friend and fellow member of the Cooper River Bridge Run Hall of Fame – Ed Ledford.  Ed was the overall masters winner in 1980, 1981 and 1982.  He and I had a long history of him outrunning me uphill, me outrunning him downhill, and then he outran me always, on the last few miles. CJ

            ED LEDFORD  We can’t chase each other up and down the Bridge anymore.  I’ve had heart surgery and I’m recovering . . . . . . (connection broke up)  . . .  . . . . . connection failed.

            PAUL BROWN  45:40. I ran a fast first mile, was 23:20 at 5k, got tired at the 5th mile.  Got up to King Street, felt the mountain. Hadn’t expected to get 46 minutes like I did the last 3 years.  Great bands on the course, ample water stops; it was awesome.  Gun time 45:59, Chip time 45:41, Chip place 678th.

            LARRY GENTILE  It was excellent.  A lot of fun.  Ran about 45:40.  Pleased with my time for an old man.  My feet made a little fast start, then I got smooth and motored all the way.  Gun time 45:46, Chip time 45:43.  Chip place 749.     

MEREDITH NELSON  It was really windy.  A headwind up the Bridge and gusting.  Chip time 46:53, gun time 46:30.  I didn’t get what I wanted, but everyone was about a minute slower due to the wind.  Gun time 46:45, Chip time 46:35.  Chip place 839th.

PATRICK WELCH  It was tough.  The wind was tougher than we expected:  Gusty about 12 knots in our face over the Bridge.  I expect a lot were plenty surprised.  I ran 54:57.  I’m 70 so I don’t have to outrun them, just outlive them.  Gun time 54:55, Chip time 55:02.   Chip place 3,573rd

GARY RICKER  It was too hot.  The hill really got me.  Cloud cover helped, the wind was not a factor.  Wanted to break 50 and ran 48:50.  My 39th straight Bridge Run.  Overall, I’m very happy.  Gun time 48:57, Chip time 48:40.  Chip place 1,343rd.

JOHN EDENFIELD  It was pretty good, a little bit breezy.  I’m coming back from an injury.  People would get out of the way for you.  I got there early, at 5:30 and it was really windy.  It calmed down some during the race.  My time was off a little – 52:30, about 4 minutes slower than last year.  I was going to be happy with anything under 55.  It’s tough on the bridge, but I’m satisfied with what I did.  Gun time 52:41, Chip time 52:30.  Chip place 2,451st.   


  *****CONNECTION FAILED AT 9:20*****


Remaining interviews by Rick Rockwell


I need to start with CLYDE and JAN MIZZELL, They did not run the race. But they wanted me to tell you how much they missed seeing you. They said that they are praying for you and Kathy.

ALAN BROWN  It was very windy. My friend Pat beat me by 7 seconds but I saw him hanging on to one of the Kenyans.  It was a great day. I enjoyed the race, my time 55:03.  Gun time 58:42, Chip time 55:04.  Chip place 3,642.

JESSICA BILLINGS  Slow and very breezy. I could of done better.  But that's why we do these things, to get better. I was happy with my run overall. Time 1 hour 12.  Gun time 1:27:17, Chip time 1:10:30.  Chip place 12,256th.

            NANCY CURRY  May have been my worst run. It was very warm. I have no idea if I placed. I'm not pleased. I may not run this again. Time 64 minutes. Gun time 1:07:01, Chip time 1:03:58.  Chip place 8,767.

SEAN MCQUILKEN Time 52:09. A P.R. for me. The first mile was easy, a good pace. The first uphill was tough. I stuck to my plan. My energy level was high coming down off of the Bridge. I set a goal and I was surprised that it worked out.  Gun time 56:10, Chip time 52:09.  Chip place 2,321st .

            DAN CLAPPER  Time 53 minutes.  It was windy. So I drafted a few times. I had a fun time running along with Nina Parks.  It was very muggy.  I was happy with the run. Gun time 53:02, Chip time 52:43.  Chip place 2,540th.

ARNOLD FLOYD  I think I won my age group. The wind wasn't a problem for me.

I even had to make a pit stop at a Porta- Jon.  Yes I am happy with my run. Gun time 61:34, Chip time 58:30.  Chip place 5,599th.

            GEARY MCCALISTER  I walked. I have an injury and didn't want to make it worse. Gun time 1:36:34, Chip Time 1:36:30.  Chip place 20,151st .

            FERRIS STEWART  Time 1:19.  I had good form. It was warm. When we turned on to East Bay the breeze felt good. It's my best run since my last medical procedure. For my age and condition that was great.  Gun time 1:40:28, Chip time 1:19:24.  Chip place 15,944th .

            STEVEN HUNT  Time 59 minutes.  It was my 35th consecutive Bridge Run. I'm glad to be able to run this race. It was windy and warm. My favorite race was on the old Grace bridge. It had the best course. I'm happy with my run.  Gun time 1:02:46, Chip time 59:32.  Chip place 

6,156th .

            EDWARD WASHINGTON  I was glad to cross the finish line. Time 65 minutes.  I had a good pace and flow. It felt good. I am happy with my time. I didn't get a chance to train.  Gun time 1:42:45, Chip Time 1:08:05. Chip place 11,869th .

            NOAH MOORE  My time 1 hour 7 minutes.  I  started at the back. I was pushing a stroller with my son in it.  Once we got around the walkers it was a great run. I stopped at the top and let my son run for a while. I met a guy from Ohio and he was pushing a stroller too.  It was a great run.  Now we will run back over it again. Gun time 1:51:33, Chip time 1:03:01,  Chip place 8,240th.

DON JAREMA Strong head wind.  Time 1 hr. 33 minutes. I am happy with my run.  Gun time 2:13:03, Chip time 1:34:45.  Chip place 19,787th .

MONTE HANSFORD  I started too quick, a 9:11 pace for the first mile. The first uphill was OK.  Coming down off the bridge there was no breeze at all.  Got very hot.  Time 1 hr. 1 minute.  I was happy with my run. I had a real good time. Gun time 1:07:44. Chip time 1:01:40.  Chip place 7,470th.

BILL THRONEBURG  I was able to keep a good pace. Happy with the negative splits.  Time 1 hr. 14 minutes.  I just started running in October. There was a good breeze. I will do this again.  Gun time 1:26:18, Chip time 1:14:18.  Chip place 13,981st .


to our Currently Active Members that placed in the 
2017 State SC Open / Age Group Rankings! 


Age Group Runner
MEN 45-49:  #3 Brian Fancher, North Charleston
MEN 60-64: #1 Marc Embler, North Charleston
MEN 65-69: #4 Larry Gentile, Charleston
MEN 70-74: #2 Gary Melville, Charleston
MEN 80-84: #3 Clyde Mizzell, Charleston
#4 David Watson, Summerville
MEN 85-89: #1 Bill Boulter, Charleston

Age Group Runner
WOMEN 35-39:  #3 Melissa Cunningham, Summerville
#5 Becky Dougherty, Mt. Pleasant
WOMEN 45-49: #1 Catherine Hollister, Mt. Pleasant
#5 Meredith Nelson, Mt. Pleasant
WOMEN 60-64: #5 Cherry Kent, North Charleston
WOMEN 70-74: #1 Nancy Curry, Mt. Pleasant
#4 Joan Mulvihill, Charleston
WOMEN 80-84: #1 Jan Mizzell, Charleston
#2 Donna Brown, Charleston

Congratulations to the other 14 local runners who also placed in the 2017 Rankings!

2018 Charleston Running Club Grand Prix

2018 Grand Prix Registration is now closed!

If you still want to join in drop us an email and we'll see
what we can do!

2018 CRC Grand Prix Details

2018 CRC Grand Prix Registration

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