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Runners seeking Runners

GPS Watch and Team in Training
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thanks i really appreciate it. i have some golf clubs on ebay right now that end in 2 days. i will def. be buying a watch once they are sold. i will most likely take you up on that offer to go run some during the week! im not sure exactly what my schedule is going to be like but will let you know soon. are you in west ash, mt p, james isl?
Thomas- I'm running the MCM but not with Team in Training. I never run without my Garmin. I'd be glad to join you once or twice a week for any distance.
1) does anyone happen to have a used garmin 305 or 405 that they would be interested in selling?

2) is anyone here going to be training for the marine corps marathon with team in training? would love to find someone to run with during the week!
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