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Save the Light turnout
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My guess - and you can check this out if you are able to ascertain the number of entrants who registered on race day - is because it turned out to be such a beautiful day, especially for a race.
We had quite a turnout at the Save the Light races on Saturday the 7th. Here are the combined finishers for the 5k and half marathon for the past few years.

2005: 573
2006: 475
2007: canceled
2008: 484
2009: 669

I am not complaining, the more runners, the more likely these races will stay around for us to participate, but I am surprised at a large turnout given the current economic situation and the fact that the Hilton Head half marathon/5k was also held that day. Does anyone know why we had such a large turnout? Did someone do some particularly effective advertising?

Dave Trautman
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