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Tough News for the Non-Elite...Fewer SC rankings t...
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Hi Bill--

I was just wondering if you were going to compile and send out a list of
road race rankings for 2007 for the older SC runners who are not in the
open or masters group. I've always looked forward to your spring or
summer communications with those age group rankings. They are great
benchmarks and have always served as an incentive to improve my running.

We dedicated older age groupers find ourselves in a sort of limbo...we
are fast enough to routinely claim local honors but not speedy enough to
be nationally ranked. The National Masters News has dumbed down the All
American awards standards of excellence to the point of absurdity, so
those awards have become a meaningless measure of accomplishment.

I imagine the road race rankings take a lot of time and you probably get
your share of cranky athletes who castigate you for your choices, but
please know that the vast majority of us deeply appreciate the effort.


Nancy C


Hi Nancy,

I decided not to compile the list this year because it takes more time
than I have with family and work being more important. You are the
first person to ask about it and since I did not get much response in
previous years I did not think too many runners cared. I am sure you
were the top SC runner in the women's 60-64 age group for 2007.

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