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Save The Light Half Marathon
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It looked like we might get a break for this race as it was a bit windy but not raining and with a temperature right around 50. Then it began raining 5 minutes before the start of the race. Nonetheless the first 9 miles weren't too bad. There was some wind and rain but nothing really bad. The hydration stations were plentiful enough to keep runners going and after the split with the 5k group, the course wasn't that crowded. We even had a few spectators to cheer us on. But the cumulative rain from the past couple of days caught up with us over the last 3 or 4 miles as the road puddles, which had been mildly annoying, became a major pain in the neck. After a while most runners gave up trying to find dry ground on the side of the road and just went down the middle of the road. There was plentiful food and water at the end. I ran 11 minutes faster than a year ago (when I was sick) so I was pleased with the result.

I anxiously await official results to see just how young this one girl was. Before I reached the halfway point I saw a girl (who had already turned around and was hightailing it back home) who was so young I thought to myself that I had grandnieces older than her. Then I realized ALL my grandnieces must be older than her. I understand that she cramped up and finished behind me but still, that was an impressive performance. When I was that young I was back home watching cartoons on television.
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