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13 November
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One piece of good news is that Pinopolis has moved to the 20th. Registration is available at
I'm not sure where David's information comes from but I do know that the Bridge Run calendar many times has the wrong information on it - sometimes they list races that don't happen any longer and sometimes they list races on the wrong day.

The Running Club's race calendar has information that is either given to us directly by the race organizers or I've found it on another website such as or

As to your questions - why so many on the same day? Who knows why some race directors don't move their race so they lessen the competition?
Some of you may have noticed at David Quick's blog that there are 4 races on 13 November: Folly Beach 10-miler, Pinopolis Run for Thanks 5-miler, Old Village Harbor 5k, and the Pajama Run. (I will skip all of these to do the Governor's Cup Half Marathon in Columbia that day.) Can someone explain to me why there are 4 races that day and none on Saturday the 20th?
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